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Welcome to the HPC Community of the University of Graz

High Performance Computing is a well-established component of the Research Practice of the University of Graz. To guarantee a constant high level of research work, the Uni-IT maintains Parallel High Performance Systems for all involved scientists. These Cluster Systems are a central part of the activities of a SFB, three DKs, a Centre for Climate Research and several third-party funds projects.

This Wiki-Webpage has the intention to provide an information and documentation platform for the local HPC community.

Overview of the Systems

Overview and detailed information on Local Systems (Cluster Emmy, Frodo, Mephisto and Sauron)
Regional Cluster (dCluster)
National Cluster (VSC-3)


       The Upgrade of the cluster ist done now and full operation mode enabled. For detailled information please look here.

dcluster Information:

      the cooperation with the TU Graz ends with summer 2017. This means the dCluster cannot be used after september 2017.
      Please be prepared and save all your data from the cluster!

Applying for an Account

All HPC activities have the character of projects and have to be documented by the leaders.
Qualified for HPC Access are all fellow and student associates with ongoing scientific project and valid UNIGraz Online Account --> Registration