​​​​​​​​Welcome to the HPC Community of the University of Graz

High Performance Computing is a well-established component of the Research Practice of the University of Graz. To guarantee a constant high level of research work, the Uni-IT maintains Parallel High Performance Systems for all involved scientists. These Cluster Systems are a central part of the activities of a SFB, three DKs, a Centre for Climate Research, several third-party funds projects (cooperation projects with VSC, TUG and MUG).

Available  Systems

  • Detailed Information on
                Local Clusters (Frodo and Sauron)
                National Clusters​​ (VSC)
                Biotechmed/HSRM (CyVerse Austria)

Applying for an Account 

           Local (KFUG) Clusters

  • ​​All HPC activities have the character of projects which must be documented by the leaders in advance

  • Qualified for HPC Access are KFUG staff members, fellow associates, and students with ongoing bachelor or master project with a valid UNIGraz Online Account

               Account on VSC Clusters

   Account on CyVerse-Austria Systems

  • Please take a look at the CyVerse-Austria Section​​

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